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From $24,900 Full Price
$1295 Down*
$329 Month*

Easy Financing • Most Qualify** Lower Interest Rates Available.

* Full price $24,900 • APR 14.9% • 180 payments of $328.76 • Principal Amount $23,605 Finance Charges $35,571.80 • Total cost $60,471.80 •
Excludes property taxes and POA dues • One time document fee of $995 • No prepayment penalties • PRICES
On approved credit.Most do qualify. However, lower credit scores may require a larger travel deposit. Base travel deposit
is $295 which is put into our real estate trust account and will be applied to your purchase or be fully refunded to you.
72 hours or 3 business days from date that notice to cancel is received.

National Recreational Properties of Arizona City, LLC.
Corporate Headquarters:
1 Mauchly Irvine, CA 92618
Tel: 1-800-603-8871

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